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Clinically Proven Probiotics for
Women's Vaginal & Urinary Health

Widely prescribed by Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G) doctors & medical specialists in Singapore

Well-documented GR-1   & RC-14   strains specifically targeted at women’s health



Protects against & helps relieve common urogenital conditions






2.5 billion CFU

  • Ability to survive in harsh acidic environment of the stomach

  • Produces lactic acid, which lowers pH in the vagina. Thus, inhibiting bad bacteria growth

  • Produces biosurfactants that break down harmful bacteria biofilms


Lactobacillus Reuteri


2.5 billion CFU

  • Highly resistant to gastric acid to ensure survivability of good bacteria

  • Produces lactic acid & hydrogen peroxide, which inhibit growth of bad bacteria

  • Prevents bad bacteria from producing harmful toxins

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Supports healthy, balanced, vaginal microflora

Never had any issues with your intimates before? Great, lets keep it that way.


Prevention is key especially if you are pregnant or are of childbearing age. Maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria at your intimates easily with Pro-Uro™.

GR-1   & RC-14

  • Is the 1st probiotic combination to effectively reduce vaginal colonization by bad bacteria & yeasts

  • Help establish & maintain a healthy vagina pH

  • Boast prolonged efficacy by maintaining a healthy vaginal flora for up to 12 weeks with just 2 weeks of use



Promotes & maintains urinary tract health

​As we become older and undergo menopause, our estrogen levels naturally decline, leading to reduced Lactobacillus (good bacteria) growth and higher risk of urogenital infections.


Keep urinary tract infections at bay by strengthening your defenses with

Pro-Uro  .

GR-1   & RC-14   in Pro-Uro   produce lactic acid & hydrogen peroxide that helps inhibit harmful E. coli bacteria growth for a positively balanced vaginal microflora.

Women with higher amounts of beneficial Lactobacillus GR-1   & RC-14   in the vagina were 25% less likely to have harmful E. coli colonization.







Prevents & manages common urogenital conditions

Unbearable itch. Unpleasant smell. Unusual discharge. We’ve all been through that.


Take the first step towards ending common vaginal and urinary discomforts with Pro-Uro   today.


Urogenital Infections

Vaginal Bacterial Infection
Bacterial Vaginosis

1 in 

women is affected by

Vaginal Bacterial Infection

Vagina logo.png

No itch or



fishy odour

Thin, watery

white/grey discharge

Fish logo.png
Vaginal Discharge.png

After supplementation with Pro-Uro




more patients

showed reduced symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis


more patients

with asymptomatic Bacterial Vaginosis achieved healthy vaginal flora after 28 days of use

Vaginal Yeast Infection
Yeast Vaginitis


of women experience at least 1 Vaginal Yeast Infection

Vaginal Discomfort.png

Itch &


No fishy odour

Thick white discharge

(cottage cheese-like)

No Fishy Odour.png
Thick Vaginal Discharge

After supplementation with Pro-Uro




of harmful yeast growth in the vagina after 28 days


more patients

showed reduced symptoms of Yeast Vaginitis

Urinary Tract Infection

1 in 

women will experience

Urinary Tract Infection

UTI painful urination.png



Increased frequency & urgency

Blood may be

present in urine

Urinary Urgency.png
Blood Drops.png

After supplementation with Pro-Uro




of complicated UTI occurrences when compared with antibiotic Bactrim

Biosurfactants produced by GR-1® & RC- 14® breaks down harmful bacterial biofilms, making it easier for antibiotics to clear infections

The World’s Most Documented
Probiotic Strains for Urogenital Health

5 billion




1st probiotic

combination to improve

vaginal flora

patented, live

probiotic strains with

>60 scientific studies

clinically proven

indications for 

urogenital health

pro-uro r symbol.png

Safe & Natural Way

to Achieve Optimal Urogenital Health

Verified Strain Identity

for Consistent High Quality & Safety

Granted Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS) status by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), GR-1  & RC-14  in Pro-Uro  help boost your vaginal microflora & restore its natural balance to the fullest so that you can easily achieve optimal urogenital health.




Feel confident knowing what you are taking. The probiotic species identities of GR-1  & RC-14  are verified using cutting-edge methodologies to ensure that our strains remain consistent & effective till expiry.



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How to use


Take 1 capsule of Pro-Uro   a day for at least 4 weeks. May be taken up to twice daily if necessary.


Pro-Uro   may be taken long term for maintenance of optimal vaginal & urinary health.



Take Pro-Uro  at least 2 hours apart from antibiotics.

Do not take Pro-Uro   with hot food or drinks as this may damage the live probiotics.




Available Outlets to Buy

Grab a bottle of Pro-Uro  near you now!


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& selected medical clinics islandwide

Ask your health care professional about Pro-Uro   today!


Pro-Uro   Works With Real Results


"My husband said it smells better  🤣🤣🤣"

Joan C

"I don't know why there aren't more people talking about Pro-Uro?! My doc recommended me to get it from a pharmacy and it has changed my life! No more UTIs!!!!!"

Natalie R

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